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Paragaia is a fast-moving company that works at the forefront with modern technologies. We are native in the areas of Digital Marketplaces, System Ingegration and Platform Business Models, and our mission is to help our customers transform the way they do business online.

Our office is located in the central of Stockholm, Sweden, but we serve clients all over Europe - and beyond.

In order to help our clients in the best possible way, we're always interested in meeting new skilled people who like what we do and want to be part of the journey ahead!


Who are you?

Are you a developer, Project Manager, Implementation Consultant or a Business Developer? Are you passionate about modern technology and what it can achieve? Would you like to join us in creating tomorrow's business platforms? Then you should definitely continue reading about what we are looking for!

Passion, Skill, Heart, Speed

These are our core values and the qualities we seek for in all our future team members.


We all worked with passionate colleagues in the past and found that this is an absolute key to a company's success. Surrounding yourself with passionate people has a positive effect on our working environment and contributes to a continuous movement going forward.
After all - when passion is shared, magic things will happen!


We do complicated things at work. That means we need more friends who can help us with these complicated things. The important thing is not that you have many years of experience. The important thing is that you have an aptitude and curiosity for what we do. And off course - that you like to do complicated things. Then your skills will increase. Day by day.


We aim to do great things – together. We want to have fun at work - together! We care about each other and those we work with. We raise each other. Although we love experts (oh, we really do love experts) and will do everything to ensure that our employees reach their full potential, it will never be at the expense of someone else.
We are one tribe –one family!


If you have to be right before you move you will never win. This does not mean that we are sloppy. This does not mean that we take shortcuts. It means that we always strive to move forward. We are not waiting. We are constantly looking for new, better ways, new solutions if the old and slow stands in our way. We give feedback quickly - both to customers and teammates.

Next step

Does the description above fit you? Then we would love to meet you as soon as possible! contact us at and take the first step on your new journey today!