Transform the way you do business online!

How we can help you

Paragaia have the most experienced technical experts when it comes to solutions for marketplaces, dropship models and business ecosystems.
Whether you are looking for solutions for B2B, B2C or Services, we most likely will be able to provide the solution that fit your needs. We work closely with the most reputable vendors in the industry and are happy to share our experiences with you!

At Paragaia we believe a technology partner should be pleasant to work with - not limited to the technology itself but in all interaction, from the first meeting to the complete experience for you as a client. Our long-term objective is to establish as a trusted advisor and technical implementation partner in the areas of Digital Marketplaces and large technical integration projects.

We may be a young company but have long experience of working with complex solutions. Our founders have varying backgrounds, including Integrations of large business systems, Platform business models and Cyber Security. Together we aim to create the consulting company of the future.

We help our clients in everything from early stage advisory to concrete choices of platforms and systems. When you need technical expertise to realize your project, you can count on us taking you all the way to over finish line.