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Paragaia is a fast-moving company that works at the forefront with modern technologies. We are native in the area of Online Marketplaces and Platform Business Models, and since the beginning we have had a stated ambition to be the natural choice for any customer evaluating the business model. 

Our office is located in the central of Stockholm, Sweden, but we serve clients all over Europe – and beyond.

Our customers

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with many innovative brands.
Some of those who trust us to do the job:


Hatice Aydin

Marketplace Expert

Max Guidotti

Platform Architect

Fredrik Lindqvist

Senior advisor, Co-Founder

Linus Nyström

Onboarding Expert

Anders Oscarsson

CEO, Co-Founder

Samantha Parkinson

Senior Consultant, UK

Klas Wilhelmsson

Marketplace Expert

Sushrut Ashtikar

Senior Software Developer


core values

Our core values are the foundation for everything we do – and how we do it.


During the fall of 2019, Fredrik Lindqvist and Anders Oscarsson started talking about starting something new together. Both had jobs they enjoyed, but something was missing. They had known each other for a long time but had never worked together before. With different backgrounds and experiences, but with common values and the desire to create a new expert company, the discussions and planning took off. On the first of March 2020, Paragaia was born. 

Online Marketplaces and Platform Business Models

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