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Securing Marketplace Development

Paragaia helped Afound develop their marketplace by initiating and leading various projects such as complete reconstruction of the product flow, improvements of various processes, expansion to multiple European markets, reconstruction of product data model and automation of technical flows.

With Mirakl used as core platform for managing the marketplace, Paragaia’s knowledge in the area played an important role in any improvement initiative and in supporting business teams.

The Paragaia team were the go-to resources for anything related to Mirakl. 

Paragaia’s role in the project:

The new Nordic sports Marketplace

Stadium launched their Mirakl based B2C marketplace the summer of 2021. Paragaia came in early as an advisor, sharing best practice and general Marketplace Strategy from previous projects.

The discussions culminated in a joint workshop where the focus was on how best to work with Seller Recruitment and Onboarding.

In addition to acting as an advisor, Paragaia has on several occasions supported Stadium with Onboarding of Sellers to the Marketplace.

Paragaia’s role in the project:

Adding a new business model

H&M wanted to create a dropship marketplace alongside their current E-com. With deep knowledge within the marketplace and dropship business models, Paragaia was involved early in the project, all the way from first design.

Paragaia started by providing the project with one acting Marketplace Manager (Product Owner) and one solution architect. The main objectives for Paragaia,
except sharing their deep overall knowledge within the marketplace business models, was designing and maintaining an extensive, scalable and robust integration layer between the Mirakl platform and the H&M backbone systems. 
Paragaia’s role in the project:

30 000 more products from 80 new sellers in 6 months

Campadre wanted to grow the business rapidly and considered the Marketplace Business Model as the best way to achieve their goals. Campadre didn’t have any experience of establishing a Marketplace and reached out to Paragaia for help.

Paragaia led the project, managed the recruitment and onboarding of sellers on a day-by- day basis. Campadre wanted to keep existing PSP, therefore a world unique solution with multiple pay-in PSPs and a single Pay-out PSP was created. Other key deliverables were the creation of a seller agreement, creation of a pitch-deck and establishing a marketplace organization.

Paragaia’s role in the project:

Online Marketplaces and Platform Business Models

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