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Over the years, we have supported our customers in a large number of Marketplace projects. No project is the same and the customer often has different conditions, varying ambitions and challenges.

We help you at the initial stage

We have experienced a great advantage in getting involved early in the projects and in this way being able to help you already at an initial stage to have the opportunity to make decisions based on our experience of previous projects.

We divide the Marketplace projects into different phases, and can offer our help depending on where you are in the process:

The three stages in the establishment of a marketplace

1. The Evaluation phase

There are a large number of questions that must be answered before launching your project, make sure you don’t rush through this phase. Some of the most important issues to consider are:
  • Is the Marketplace Business Model the best choice?
  • Is there a Business Case? 
  • Technical decitions, such as build vs buy, platform supplier, payment solutions etc.
  • Do we have the right team and competence?

In this phase, Paragaia can help you understand which is the best solution for you, what you should prioritize and at what stage.

Paragaia’s contribution in this step
  • Advise regarding the Business Model
  • Support in Tech Evaluation
  • Share experiences and best practices from other projects

2. The Build phase

When you have left the evaluation phase behind you, it is time to start building your Marketplace. During this phase you need to:

  • Configure the Business Model
  • Set up the technical solution, both the Marketplace platform and integrated systems
  • Set up compliant payment solutions
  • Recruit Sellers
  • Onboard Sellers to the platform
  • Establish your Marketplace Team
Paragaia’s contribution in this step
  • Running Technical Workshops
  • Support in configuration and set-up
  • Act as Project Manager and/or Marketplace Manager
  • Assist with Product Taxonomy
  • Onboard Sellers
  • Manage Seller Recruitment
  • Advice in establishing a Marketplace Team

3. The launch phase

Finally, time to launch your Marketplace!

This has been the long-term goal ever since the evaluation phase, and even in this stage there are many things that need to be in place.

Factors that you need to consider in this phase are:
  • Make a successful launch that matters
  • Make it work
  • Learn, adjust and plan for next steps
  • Communicate success and work with change management in the organization 
Paragaia’s contribution in this step
  • Acting Marketplace Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • Onboarding Specialists
  • Seller Recruit
  • Seller Support
  • Onboarding as a Service (OaaS) – Where we provide you with extra Onboarding resources when you need it, for example when you have a lot of Sellers in the Pipeline
  • Implementation of Marketpilot to accelerate you onboarding speed and facilitate your daily work with Sellers and Partners.
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