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Paragaia has deep understanding of payment solutions and the surrounding landscape such as regulatory restrictions, requirements linked to business model etc. We have supported several customers to understand the regulations and how they can best set up a solution optimized for the business.

Understanding the legal changes

What changes when an online retailer decides to add a marketplace to their existing e-com, thus creating a hybrid marketplace with their owned products as well as the third-party seller products?

As an online retailer you probably have an existing way of handling payments and a well-known way of buying products, putting them into a warehouse and fulfilling the orders by themselves or a third-party logistics provider. All that will now change with the hybrid Marketplace.

Paragaia’s experts can help you understand the legal changes that you need to think about, left-aside all the other changes of various kind. Any retailer that decides to run a hybrid marketplace has the following legal areas to deal with:

Legal areas

the agreement

How does an agreement with your sellers look like?

The retailer is very used to buy products from their suppliers, and this new situation is quite different when you now act as a marketplace operator. As an operator of a marketplace you offer the opportunity to the seller to sell on the marketplace and you charge commission for the sales. Therefore, a new agreement needs to be written.

Compliant with EU-legislation

How do you make sure that you don’t touch the money flow in order to be compliant with EU-legislation?

Can I keep my existing Payment Service Provider, or do I need to make any changes? That this is actually needed may come as a surprise but it’s actually necessary if you want to be fully compliant.

In addition to advising on the legal regulations that affect your payment flows, we can also advise and technically help you regarding the selection and implementation of PSP (Payment Service Provider).

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