New team member on board!

Paragaia was started on the first of March this year – we are just over 30 days old. Starting a new company is always a challenge, you do not know what is waiting around the corner and what surprises you will face. We felt that we were reasonably well equipped and that we were aware of most of the challenges we would meet. The fact that we would start our company in the middle of an ongoing pandemic – let’s just say we hadn’t seen that scenario come!

We have the privilege of working in an industry where working remotely is no obstacle. Our customers have changed and adapted to the new reality and the business is ongoing – definitely not as usual but still functioning.

In tough times, positive news is always welcomed, and we are very pleased to announce that we on April 1st welcome another team member to the Paragaia family!

Max Guidotti, one of the sharpest consultants in the area of Digital Marketplaces will join Paragaia as a partner. Max has very deep knowledge of the Mirakl-platform and will be a very valuable player in our team going forward.

Welcome to the team Max:-)!

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