Paragaia to establish in the UK

In the quest to expand the market, we are today very happy to announce our latest addition to the team as we welcome Samantha Parkinson to Paragaia!

Samantha has extensive experience of marketplaces and comes most recently from our partner Mirakl, where she worked as a Senior Business Consultant for three years.

“This feels like a great recruitment in many ways,” says Anders Oscarsson, CEO and co-founder of Paragaia.

“First, we add even more Mirakl expertise to Paragaia. We have worked with the Mirakl platform for a long time and have over the years established a very strong partnership together. Of course, having our first team member on site in London makes it easier to establish relationships with new potential customers and partners. Samantha’s local network combined with her personal brand makes us feel ready to expand in the UK”.

“Over the past year, we have experienced a huge growth in the UK market. Of course, it is important for us to be present locally where the action is. We have previously collaborated with UK partners in various ways, and now it feels great to finally take the step and fully establish in the UK “, Anders Oscarsson continues.

”I am very happy to be part of the Paragaia team and excited to help build the UK market”, says Samantha Parkinson. “During my time at Mirakl, it was clear to me just how valuable Paragaia’s expertise and knowledge is to marketplace operators. Paragaia brings professionalism, speed, ease and a huge amount of platform expertise to any marketplace. You want them on your team and I’m thrilled to be part of the business.”

Samantha Parkinson, Senior Consultant UK and Anders Oscarsson, CEO Paragaia

About Samantha Parkinson

Samantha is a Marketplace and e-commerce business professional with over twelve years’ experience working with leading online retailers and marketplace software businesses. In the early years of her career she worked in e-commerce buying and merchandising roles and more recently has been in the business consulting team at Mirakl, leading marketplace business growth initiatives for UK and Nordic operators.

About Paragaia

Paragaia has the most experienced technical experts when it comes to solutions for Online Marketplaces and Platform Business Models. We are today the leading Mirakl partner in the Nordic region and has been working with the platform since 2016. During the years we have participated in several Marketplace projects and onboarded close to 600 external Sellers to the platform.

We have divided our offer in different steps to be able to meet your need as a customer – whether you have just started to evaluate the new business model or if you are ready to seriously increase the pace of your existing Marketplace!

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